We take athlete and community safety seriously.

The situation we are in is unprecedented and we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our athletes as we abide by the guidelines put forth by the CDC and State of Illinois.


Q: What are you doing for Phase 4?
A: All equipment and surfaces have been and will continue to be sanitized following recommended guidelines. Class sizes are limited and masks are required when 6ft distance cannot be maintained.

Q: What does Phase 4 look like:
A: Phase 4 allows for us to work out indoors provided we maintain 6 ft distance and reduced occupancy (please read gym guidelines at the bottom of this page).

Q: What is different?
A: Athletes who do not sign into class ahead of time may be asked to wait until the next class. Athletes should avoid lingering inside before or after class or wear a mask. It is required that we sanitize anything you touch so please think before you jump up onto the pull up rig.

Q: Can we do Strength work?
A: Yes, strength is critical to your development and overall health.

Q: Are class sizes limited?
A: Class sizes are limited to no more than 7 athletes per class (plus coaches).

Q: What about pull ups or toes to bar?
A: Rig space is one of the most limited factors for our gym. Please be mindful of other athletes with shorter stature when selecting your pull up or T2B spot. We all have our favorite area, however, we need to maintain distance which may push you into a less favored area.

Q: What if I am uncomfortable working out with others?
A: One on one training needs to be scheduled with the coach prior to class start and is available to you. The cost of each one on one session is dependent upon personal need and will be negotiated privately.

Q: Do we have to wear masks?
A: No, masks are not required if we can maintain 6ft distance during workouts. Coaches and athletes are encouraged to wear a mask, however, this may not be practical or safe in all cases.

Q: How will equipment be kept clean between workouts?
A: Athletes will be instructed on how to sanitize their equipment and sanitization efforts will be monitored by coaches to ensure it is properly cleaned between uses. Please read rules below.

Q: What if we are sick or may have been exposed?
A: We rely on our athletes to be forthright and to stay home if they are sick or may have been exposed. We expect athletes to be responsible for maintaining distance with each other and reserve the right to remove athletes from class. Should any athlete be exposed, please contact us directly so we may take appropriate precautions including possible testing of coaches and sanitization.

Q: What about drop ins or new members?
A: Drop ins and new member requests will require prior authorization as we must preserve access for our existing members. New members and drop-ins will be expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to review our standards and expectations.

General Rules:

As we return to working out indoors, we have to maintain social distance and proper cleaning protocols. Please understand this may change. Listen to your coaches instructions during class and bring up any questions or concerns you may have.

Below are a list of guidelines for our athletes:

  1. It is preferred that the coaches sanitize all equipment, barbells and weights after use or once all athletes have put them away. This is for two reasons - one, we need to ensure all equipment is cleaned properly and two, we want to limit people congregating around, waiting for or touching sanitizing equipment.

  2. Please DO NOT jump up and use the pull up rig or mess around on rings unless it is programmed. If you do so, please make sure you check with your coach on how to clean it afterwards.

  3. Respect others space and keep your distance. We are adults and as coaches, we do our best, however, we are not able to see everything. If someone is getting close and you are not comfortable, please remind them of social distancing. If they do not listen or react poorly, please bring it up and we would be glad to discuss with the athlete in question.

  4. We use a lot of plates during the day. If you use it, please keep it until we are ready to move on so we can keep used equipment separated from sanitized equipment. As such, please limit yourself to 1 pair of 2.5s, 5s, 10s, 15s & 25s. Nobody likes the guy with a bar loaded with 10s or 15s. It is impolite and rude, please make 'change' and accept you may have to change plates more often.

  5. We will keep the doors open and fans on, we know it is hot and we wish we could take action to keep it cooler indoors. As such, we must keep the backroom doors closed so we do not overload the air conditioning unit. If you need to use the restroom, please wash your hands and use your paper towel to open the doors on the way back to the training room. You can throw it away in the garbage near the clock.

  6. We may have 'partner' or 'team' workouts. This does NOT mean you should share equipment or get within 6 ft of your partner or team. From a strategic standpoint, we may need to keep distance on the pull up rig or along the wall during wallballs / handstand work and the easiest way to do this is to limit those on the wall or rig at one time which is easiest to achieve during partner work outs where one is working and one is resting.

  7. If you are sick, do not show up. If you have been around someone who is sick, do not show up. If you may have been exposed, do not show up. Please text us so we can take necessary precautions including keeping your name confidential.

If your question was not answered, please reach out to us for clarification. We look forward to seeing all of you!
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