We take athlete and community safety seriously.

The situation we are in is unprecedented and we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our athletes as we abide by the guidelines put forth by the CDC and State of Illinois. We will contact members via email as we know more regarding re-opening. Please review the FAQs below prior to attending a class (unless it is a zoom class).


Q: What are you doing to prepare for athletes to return?
A: All equipment and surfaces have been and will continue to be sanitized following recommended guidelines.

Q: What does returning look like:
A: Phase 3 allows for outdoor workouts or one on one training.

Q: What do outdoor workouts look like?
A: We will be bringing equipment outside and may need to modify workouts dependent upon weather. Athletes should expect to dress in layers and wear sunscreen. Athletes who do not sign into class ahead of time may be asked to wait until the next class as coaches will need to bring out enough equipment. The restrooms will be open, however, athletes should avoid lingering inside.

Q: Can we do Strength work?
A: Yes, strength is critical to your development and overall health. It is essential and we will be methodically transitioning back to barbell work.

Q: Are class sizes limited?
A: Class sizes are limited to 10 including coaches, this means no more than 7 athletes per class.

Q: What about pull ups or toes to bar? Can we do that outside?
A: No, however, if you wish to schedule short duration one-on-one training sessions to work on this, please contact your coach.

Q: What if I am uncomfortable working out with others?
A: One on one training needs to be scheduled with the coach prior to class start and is available to you. The cost of each one on one session is dependent upon personal need and will be negotiated privately.

Q: Do we have to wear masks?
A: No, masks are not required if we can maintain 6ft distance during workouts. Coaches and athletes are encouraged to wear a mask, however, this may not be practical or safe in all cases.

Q: How will equipment be kept clean between workouts?
A: Athletes will be instructed on how to sanitize their equipment and sanitization efforts will be monitored by coaches to ensure it is properly cleaned between uses.

Q: What if we are sick or may have been exposed?
A: We rely on our athletes to be forthright and to stay home if they are sick or may have been exposed. We expect athletes to be responsible for maintaining distance with each other and reserve the right to remove athletes from class. Should any athlete be exposed, please contact us directly so we may take appropriate precautions including possible testing of coaches and sanitization.

Q: What about drop ins or new members?
A: Drop ins and new member requests will require prior authorization as we must preserve access for our existing members. New members and drop-ins will be expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to review our standards and expectations.

If your question was not answered, please reach out to us for clarification. We look forward to seeing all of you soon and look forward to phase 4!
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