Nice to meet you! This is CFNA!!

Before we start, it would be good to get acquainted with a private one on one consultation and free assessment workout.  
This assessment and consultation meeting can be scheduled on a case by case basis and every Wednesday evening at 6:30 or 9:00 am Saturday (see schedule page).
This is a great opportunity to get a tour of the facility and discuss goals and expectations.  But before we do that, it's best for you to register yourself as an athlete and enter your information on our athletes list.  
Just follow the prompts on the New Athlete? tab.
Once that is done, schedule a time to come on by and let's get this thing going!  
Just be prepared by dressing appropriately in non restrictive clothing, some low-profile shoes (running shoes with a thick heel aren't really ideal for squats) and PLEASE - try not to come in fasted, but leave at least a couple hours distance from your last meal.  
DON'T COME IN FOR A WORKOUT JUST AFTER EATING A MEAL.  You'll have to trust me on this.  You need to fuel for intensity, but do it at the right time - more on that later.

I've made this fairly simple for you.  All you need to do RIGHT NOW is text your name(preferred) to 331 215-3626 to schedule your introduction to an improved you. We are able to reply quickly to schedule your assessment - All questions you may have will be answered at your free assessment.

Don't be intimidated by the conjured images of the elite CrossFit athletes in the CrossFit Games - While inspiring, that is only a small glorified minority of what CrossFit is all about.

We all start somewhere.  Start today! I'll quote John Welbourn a ten year veteran of the NFL and founder of Power Athlete - 'When should you start? Start today.  The people that want to start tomorrow - they don't get s*** done. Start today.'

Hope to hear from you soon,

Eric T Johnson
800 S Frontenac Rd, Ste 4
Aurora, Illinois 60504 (view larger map)