Getting Started/Elements Classes

Starting CrossFit is exciting!

FACT: You do not need to lose weight or 'get fit' prior to starting CrossFit.

To help ensure your long term success and safety, we ask all new Cross Fit athletes to attend elements classes.  Elements are a series of 5 to 6 classes covering basic CrossFit movements.  

The cost for elements, which includes your first month of unlimited access, is only $100.

If you have weightlifting experience and have some athletic history (competitive sports of all variety/levels) or with CrossFit specifically, then you MAY have the option to either forego the 'ELEMENTS' classes as a whole, by selecting just one or a few (for example, ELEMENTS of Olympic lifting).  This is on a case by case basis and could be solely determined by the trainer or negotiated - chances are, this conversation has already taken place after your first class consultation.  Whatever you choose, go to the SCHEDULE  tab and select your classes.  Easy.

If you have at least a full year of CrossFit experience under your belt from another box (home or garage gym may be a case by case basis here), the entire week of 5 classes is FREE to you to get a better feel of our culture here at CFNA and to make sure we are a good fit for one another.  Just register for each class on the SCHEDULE page.

Please take a look at the class schedule for the most up to date day and time for elements classes.  

To get started, click here fill in your info and keep an eye on your email!  We will send you an email back to find out more information and get you set up for your first free class (Consultation - see previous tab).  
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