About Us

We have been building CrossFit athletes since 2008.

We are not a typical gym.
The typical gym is a sea of machines filled with people tuned out doing their own thing.

Classes at CrossFit of Naperville are different - we work to support each other through challenging work outs designed to maximize time in the gym.  Our workouts change daily and incorporate whole body movements to prevent plateaus.

Our trainers are actively involved in helping you perform the workouts safely and are there to guide you towards achieving your goals.

If you want to experience a challenging, fun fitness program with people that genuinely care about you and your fitness goal, then visit us for your free class at CrossFit of Naperville.

Each small group class is designed to challenge you physically and mentally.  We strive to bring elite fitness to all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level.  

Beware, we are not a globo-gym!  We have no ellipticals, no smoothie bar, no mirrors, and no excuses!!!  Just an intense workout designed to suit each individual's needs.  It's not easy.  You will leave feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout!

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800 S Frontenac Rd, Ste 4
Aurora, Illinois 60504 (view larger map)