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DropIn/Special Class

Food or Nutrition

Put it in Your Body


CFNA Junk Headbands

Black $16.00

CFNA Tanks & Shirts

Pick one of our shirts off the wall and enjoy!
Single $20.00
Double $30.00
PastEvent $5.00
Discount T $15.00


Sweatshirts (Pre Order is no longer available - Check back in Spring!)
1 For $35.00
2 For $60.00
PreOrder $25.00

DropIn/Special Class

Drop In

Check out CFNA when you are traveling!
Daily Fee $20.00
Fee&Shirt $30.00
Fee&2Shirt $40.00
10 class $100.00


Elements Plus Two Weeks. Unlimited membership for 4 weeks including Elements.
Full Class $100.00
One Class $20.00

Food or Nutrition

Coaching for Diet Change

Personal coaching on your how to maintain a healthier lifestyle including checking in on your eating habits or food choices, accountability and advice on how to make things work for you.
4 Weeks $40.00

Paleo Lunch or Dinner

Grab one from the origin fridge and pay here!
Lunch $12.50
Dinner $12.50

Put it in Your Body


Clean Performance, Clean Recovery
Don't be fooled by fancy marketing gimmicks and clever phrases. If you don't want a dressed up soda pop, then reach for FitAID - the convenient and complete Performance and Recovery supplement for people on the move.
SingleCan $3.00
10-Punch $25.50
Case-24 $55.00
4 Pack $10.00


This new LifeAID product is the perfect supplement to help you focus when you need it, keep your mind in flow, and help you recover from an intense day at work and school.

All without the high sugar, high caffeine, high taurine and artificially laden ingredients found in most energy drinks.
Case - 24 $55.00


Pre-Order by the case only!

Good for daily focus and nutrients, not just golfing.

Many golfers reach for sugary, Salt-filled sports drinks or caffeine-laden energy drinks can lead to the dreaded crash.

GolferAID gives your body and mind the nutrients it needs to get you through 18 holes.
Case - 24 $55.00

(No Category)

Self Defense Class

4 Hrs training with Drew
pay ahead $45.00
at door $50.00
800 S Frontenac Rd, Ste 4
Aurora, Illinois 60504 (view larger map)