CrossFit Gym

At CrossFit of Naperville a trainer is always available to assist members and members seldom do workouts alone.

At CrossFit of Naperville a trainer is there to work with you at all times. We do not feel that we need to hover over every movement that you make, but rather that we can guide and coach you to become more independent. You are ultimately responsible for your fitness, but the trainers and other athletes will assist you and be there to support and challenge you. No matter your fitness level, all athletes will do the same workout, provided by CrossFit of Naperville. But we will make certain that you are properly scaled to see the most benefit from these workouts. It is not commonly known, but the regular person and the elite athlete can benefit from similar workout program. It is the manner in which it is scaled that allows it to be beneficial and effective to all.

Have you ever worked out in an atmosphere in which the faster, stronger athletes finish first? Have you ever worked out in an atmosphere where that athlete then turns around and cheers everyone else until they complete the workout? We are a community of like minded people, that are interested in their own fitness as well as the fitness of others.

If you want to experience a challenging, fun fitness program with people that genuinely care about you and your fitness goal, than come an check out CrossFit of Naperville’s Open Gym style workouts.