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Friday, Jun 23, 2017


6x2 Power Snatch

SWOD: Weight
Here you are warming up, then starting your first set once you are warm at a reasonable weight. You are hitting doubles, but these are not touch and go, but it's also not set the bar down rest and do a lap around the gym. After first rep, touch the ground reset your form and pull again. Same weight all 6 sets!! Goal is to shoot for 75-85% of 1 Rep Max Power Snatch for all 6 sets!

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Chosen as WOD: Fri,Jun 23,2017
Sarah65# Rx smooth. Easing back into it.
Keyton115 Rx
Kaye45 Rx working on pull
Shyenne95# Rx
Denny95 Rx
Carla55 Rx
Umair65 Rx worked skills
Bill155 Rx
Eric S125 Rx
Rommel115 Rx
Christina J105 Rx 2@95 / 3@105 / 1@110
Jadon55 Rx
Casandra35# Rx learning
Kristina75 Rx go up next time
Danielle C65 Rx more next time!
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