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Friday Dec 7,2018

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50 Minutes of Fun

Today you will have 10 minutes to get in the gym, warm yourself up, set up and then the clock will start.

You will start with either Grace or Isabel.
Grace = 30 Clean and Jerk 135/95
Isabel = 30 Snatch 135/95
Rx2: 105/75, Rx3: 85/55

Rest 5 minutes  
150 Sit Ups for Time

Rest 5 Minutes
100 Double Unders for Time
Rx2 and Rx3: 35 Burpees (no singles)

Record your time for each if you like, however, your time for this WOD is the time you finish your last double under or burpee.  Do not cheat the rest time.  That is lame and you are not lame.

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Bill17:36 Rx 1:54 grace, 4:43 su, 0:59 DU
Shaun21:44 Rx PR on Grace 2:23 at work
Eric S23:46 Rx 5:25, 4:35, 2:54
William H22:00 Rx2 135# Grace: 2:59, Sit-Ups: 14:28, Burpees: 22:00
Rom22:59 Rx2 105# snatch, Rx everything else
Silvia Cal50 Rx3 grace 3:22
Carla J30:32 Rx3 Single/ double unders
Chandra34:22 Rx3 3:31 Grace at 65#
Carla L35:38 Rx3 isabele3:03 @65# should have done 75/ Sit ups: 16:46/100 DU
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