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Friday Oct 13,2017

SWOD: 3x10 Ring DipsDWOD,EMOM: Death By EMOM C2B/HSPU

3x10 Ring Dips

SWOD: Weight
Today we are hitting an accessory lift, or muscles. Today we are doing ring dips. If you can't preform the total number of 10, scale down. Do 3x8, or up to that 10 reps. Also if you can't do a ring dip, grab a band and do assisted dips, work up to a strict ring dip.

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Christina J5 then 5 w/BB, 1 Strict then 9 w/BB, 3 Strict then 7 w/BB Rx
Jon BBW Rx 10-10-5/3/2
Jadonbw  one leg down
silvia calNarrow Purple Rx
William HBodyweight, Toe on Box Rx
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