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Thursday Dec 6,2018

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Death By Pull-Up's

Today is a classic Naperville's death by pull up's each min you are to complete the number or reps for each min.
So for example in min one you must do one pull up, in min two you do two pull up's until you can not complete the number of pull up's in that minute/round and then you are done with the workout.
Anything goes strict, kipping, butterfly..only thing you have to do is drop down lock the arms at the bottom and get that chin above the bar

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Michael Y16 Rx 4th kipping
Eric S16 Rx 4th
Bill16 Rx 4th
Christina J13+11 Rx 1st
Shaun13+10 Rx 5th Butterfly
Darnelle10+6 Rx 3rd kipping
Eric TiRx UB strict
John Stv14  5th ripped
Umair10  11th practiced kip
Chandra10  11th blue band
Casandra5+3  8th blue band
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