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Tuesday Sep 11,2018

SWOD: 5x3 Weighted Pull UpsAMRAP: Box Jump, KBS, Sit UpBenchmark/Hero: '343' Memorial WODBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline

5x3 Weighted Pull Ups

SWOD: Weight
Focus on keeping proper form during pull up and try to get 5 sets of 3 weighted strict pull ups in.  Avoid bending the neck to look at the bar.

If you do not have weight pull ups, do normal strict pull ups or banded pull ups on the black band.  If you need a thicker band, do 5 sets of 6 hard ring rows pulling your thumbs to your armpits each rep.  On the ring rows, try to get your feet onto a 45lb plate or box.

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Francisco15 lbs Rx
Casandrablue band Rx
Ryan Othin band rx Rx
Christina J 4:23am
The 343 Memorial WOD is optional - be sure to scale appropriately if you elect to do this one!