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Saturday Aug 25,2018

Partner Wod: Partner WOD Cal Row/ BurpeeElements: Elements Pull WOD

Partner WOD Cal Row/ Burpee

Partner Wod: Reps
15 min time cap
you and one partner will take turns working
Partner A starts and completes 1 cal row, and 1 burpee
Partner B will do 2 cal row, 2 burpees
Partner A will do 3 cal row, 3 burpees
you add one cal and one burpee each time you switch partners

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Keyton15 - halfway into rd 16 Rx
Eric S15 - halfway into rd 16 Rx
Chandra14 - halfway into rd 15 Rx
Tanya12 rds - 1 burpee away from finishing 13 Rx