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Thursday Aug 16,2018

Benchmark/Hero: 'Coe'Elements: Elements Skill WODBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline


Benchmark/Hero: Time-Rx2
Hero Wod
10 rds. for Time
10-95# Thruster
10-Ring Push Up's

RX2: 65/45
Regular Push Up
Scale reps if needed.

0% 0%

Bill14:19 Rx ring pu with ft on 45lb plate
William H22:02 Rx Owe
Christina J22:13 Rx may have done an extra round? Not sure - super tired
Darnelle13:15 Rx2
Grace Si14:58 Rx2 42#
Carla L16:57 Rx2 45# from knees
Mallory17:12 Rx2 rx weight
Francisco21:33 Rx2 45lbs. half full pushups half knee pushups
Kelsie22:57 Rx2 knee push ups-7 rounds then sit ups
Chris K25:00 Rx2 didn't finish
Ryan O22:25  45#, knee push ups
Danielle C22:57  22lbs- 10 reps 2rd, 7reps 8rds
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