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Tuesday Aug 14,2018

Welcome Subhash & Praveen & Prasad & Shashidhar & Arun K
AMRAP,DWOD: Tabata Tuesday Barbell WOD3-3-3-3-3 Good Morning + Reversie split squatElements: Elements Squat WODBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline

Tabata Tuesday Barbell WOD

Tabata Tuesday Barbell WOD:
1st 8 rds Cleans @ 95/75
2nd 8 rds Overhead Squat
3rd 8rds Deadlift
4th 8rds Push Press
all rds are 20 sec of work, followed by 10 sec of rest. No rest in between movements this is a total of 32 rds for 16 minutes of work.....enjoy..!!
RX+ 115/95
RX 95/75
RX2 75/55

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Carla L184 Rx2 65#
Casey Ko182 Rx2 body weight squats
Rom175 Rx2
Darnelle172 Rx2
Theo210  10lb bar entire time
Christina Ho171  42#
Ryan O135  65#
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