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Thursday Aug 2,2018

Happy Birthday Manish
AMRAP: 10 Min AMRAP DL/Hang Clean/ RF Lunge/ LF LungeSWOD: Back Squat 5x5Elements: Elements Pull WODOther Posted Results

10 Min AMRAP DL/Hang Clean/ RF Lunge/ LF Lunge

AMRAP: Rounds-Rx2+
10 Min AMRAP
1 Deadlift (135/95)
1 Hang Clean
1 R Foot Lunge Front Rack Lunge
1 L Foot Lunge Front Rack Lunge

RX+/RX: Same as above
RX2: 95/65

100% 0%

Bill42 Rx
Christina J36 Rx ate last at 6am and had 4 hrs sleep :( Pity me
Francois35 Rx
Shaun29 Rx At work
Rom24 Rx
Michael Y19 Rx
William H19 Rx
Chaitu40 Rx2 95 lbs
Darnelle30+3 Rx2 95#, Non-Weighted Lunges, MY RIGHT TOP BUTT HURTS STILL
Umair29 Rx2
Rupali26 Rx2 42#working that front rack pos and lunge pos-ROM
Grace Si26 Rx2
Casey Ko26 Rx2 85#
Carla L25 Rx2
Francisco23 Rx2 65 lbs
Silvia Cal18 Rx2 65
Chris K14 Rx2 no shoes
Eric S26  115#
Danielle C23  35 lbs knee pain
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