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Tuesday Jul 24,2018

When doing knees to elbows on the rope you don't have to get a foot lock for the rep to count

21-18-15 Rope K2E, PPSWOD: Push Press 3X5Elements: Elements Pull WODElements: Elements Push WOD

21-18-15 Rope K2E, PP

For time complete the following

On a rope, knees to elbows
Dumbbell Push press 50/35

21 K2E
21 DB PP
18 K2E
18 DB PP
15 K2E
15 DB PP

Rope hanging knee raises  
Push press 35/25

0% 0%

Silvia Cal7:49 Rx2 20 lb
Umair8:09 Rx2
Michael Y8:42 Rx2 45# DB - Rope Grip sucked
Francisco9:04 Rx2 25lb DBs
Garrison9:34 Rx2 35 Db
Samir11:22 Rx2 35# DB/ rope k2e
Carla L12:20 25# Rx2
Theo8:10  8lb DB, jumping HKR on rope
Christina J8:44  30lb DB
Christina Ho9:07  25#DB, KR
Casey Ko9:26  20#
Grace Si9:50  20#
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