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Wednesday Jun 13,2018

SWOD: 3x10 Overhead SquatRow, WB, DU chipper

3x10 Overhead Squat

SWOD: Weight
So today we are adding some volume to the Overhead Squat...we usually go in the 3-5 rep warm up first with an empty bar, then a few light sets. Then remember its ten it will be less weight than you do for 3 and 5 rep sets...lock out those elbows, rotate those shoulders. Slow into the bottom hold position and explode out of the bottom.

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Bill135 Rx 10-10-12(last set at 145)
Jadon95 Rx One set @ 75lb
Michael Y75 Rx aches and pains - working on form
Carla J60lbs# Rx
Grace Si55 Rx
Garrison45,45,35lbs Rx working ROM and position
Francisco45 lbs Rx
Danielle C30 lbs Rx form -knee pain
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