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Monday Apr 2,2018

SWOD: 3x5 Strict PressBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline5RFT PushPress, BoxJump, Situp

3x5 Strict Press

SWOD: Weight
Today the strength is 3x5 strict press. No knee bend, keep the spine straight, and abs tight and locked.
Same weight for all three sets once you get warmed up.

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Michael Y125 Rx
Umair115 Rx
HK100*2set, 90*set Rx
Ashkan95 Rx
Chaitu80# Rx
Adam Beg75 Rx
Sam B75 Rx
Mallory75 Rx
Grace Si70 Rx
Carla J65-65-70 Rx
Darnelle65 Rx
Danielle C35 lb  Modified
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