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Friday Mar 30,2018

SWOD: 3-3-3 Front Squat @ 75% of 1RMAMRAP,Competitors,DWOD: 12 Min AMRAP Box J/ KBS/ Goblet Squat

3-3-3 Front Squat @ 75% of 1RM

SWOD: Weight
Today you need to warm up, when you get to 75% of 1 Rep Max Front Squat you will start there, that is your first set. Then add weight each of your last two sets. Rest 3-5 minutes in between sets

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Bill275 Rx
Christina J175x2 Rx
Grace Si85 Rx
Lauren Ta85 Rx
Carla J85-90-95 Rx
Christina Ho42# Rx working position progression
Danielle C42# Rx working position progression
bobbi35# Rx
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