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Thursday Mar 8,2018

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3x5 Deadlift

SWOD: Weight
3x5 Deadlift
Today you need to warm up, once you are warm you have 3 sets of 5 reps for Deadlift. Same weight, no going up in weight. Its the same for all 3 sets. No Dropping the that negative portion too..!!!
TRAINERS NO DROPPING FROM THE WAIST..Athletes must put the bar down on the ground and re-set

100% 0%

Pablo235 Rx 5-5-5
Samir165 Rx 5-5 good with 2 sets
Eric Ti 8:52am

Eric Ti 9:56am
Start at 3:12

Eric Ti 5:42am

Mark R 6:51am
Yeh baby!  I wish I was not in Houston today.

Eric Ti 9:55am
Us too, Mark!  See ya when you get back!!

Eric Ti 5:41am