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Wednesday Feb 21,2018

EMOM,SWOD: EMOM Squat SnatchSWOD: 3x3 Snatch Grip DeadliftAMRAP,DWOD: AMRAP 10 Burpees/Wall Balls

EMOM Squat Snatch

EMOM: 20 seconds/ 6 minutes (total of 18 reps)
Every 20 seconds you will pull 1 Squat Snatch.
Take 60-65% of your heaviest 1 Rep Max Snatch ever.
Your goal to hit a squat snatch every 20 seconds.
If you can't hit the 60-65% then drop to 50-55% but nothing lower than that. YOU MUST HIT DEPTH.

RX+(Competitors) use 70%

0% 0%

Bill135 Rx did it 2 times first at 115
William H95# Rx
Carla J65# Rx all 18 reps
Adam Beg65# Rx
Samir65 Rx
Jadon65 Rx
Sam B65# Rx full squat catch
Kaye55 Rx
Silvia Cal45 Rx
Sudarsana45 Rx
bobbi20# Rx
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