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Tuesday Jan 23,2018

SWOD: 3x1 DeadliftAMRAP,Competitors,DWOD: 10 Min AMRAP Row/OHSDWOD,Rounds for Time: Classic Elements WOD, with a Twist

3x1 Deadlift

SWOD: Weight
Yep, you read that correctly..its three singles or three tries at a ONE REP MAX deadlift all the other toying around don't count..once you start seeing stars and panting like a dog that is your first counted rep.

MAKE it HEAVY and FORM OVER WEIGHT..if your back looks like an alley cat shut it down and try another day.

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William H385 Rx On Sunday (1/28) with Eric as a witness!
Michael Y375 Rx good consistent setup
Steve B345# Rx
Bob Ca250 Rx working my way back to real weights
Sam B245 Rx
Ryan W245# Rx PR
Darnelle245 Rx
Jadon235 Rx Almost beat Bob but ran out of time
Adam Beg215# Rx
Samir210 Rx
Grace Si200 Rx
bobbi80# Rx
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Christina J 9:00am
How NOT to do it.  Take a seat!!

Christina J 9:00am