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Thursday Jan 18,2018

Happy Birthday Keyton
SWOD: 3x5 Back Squat plus 5 lbs from last BSSWOD: 3x5 Barbell ShrugsAMRAP,Competitors,DWOD: 14 Min AMRAP-Pistol/DL/Box Jump

3x5 Back Squat plus 5 lbs from last BS

SWOD: Weight
You are doing the same 3x5 sets and reps, but today you are to add 5 lbs to your working sets. So if you ended last week doing 3x5 sets @ 100, do you must do 3x5 @ 105.

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Shaun285# Rx
Ashkan215 Rx
Mallory185 Rx
Christina J185 Rx
Kaye155 Rx
Ryan W155# Rx
Darnelle155 Rx 5-5-5
Adam Beg130# Rx
Grace Si115 Rx
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