Most Recent Benchmark was 1 mile run for time on Jul 30,2018 (16 days ago)

Tuesday Nov 7,2017

Happy Birthday Shaun
Welcome Adam Beg & Samir
Benchmark/Hero,Cardio: BaselineElements: Elements PullElements: Elements Pull WODWarm Up and MobilizeSWOD: Bench Press 3x5SWOD: 3x3 Tempo Bench Press (65% of 1 RM)SWOD: 2x Max Rep Pull UpsDWOD: 10-1 ring rows, slamballs, overhead carry


Benchmark/Hero,Cardio: Time
500M Row
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups (scaled as needed)

100% 0%

Adam Beg7:44  rings rows
Samir8:45  ring rows