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Thursday Nov 2,2017

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Welcome Grace Si
SWOD: 3x5 Front SquatsJACKIEweighted pull upsBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline

3x5 Front Squats

SWOD: Weight
Today we are doing some Front Squats. It's a familiar rep and set we are used to. Warm up 3-4 sets then get your sets in.
ALL the same weight on all three sets

100% 0%

Bill240 Rx
Christina J150 (2 SETS) Rx
Jadon145 Rx
Mallory135 Rx
Jon B135 Rx
Danielle C130 Rx 5-5-5
James L95 Rx
Lauren Ta65 Rx
Aubree55# Rx 5-5-3 Working ROM and bar path. Ist working load.
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