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Thursday Oct 19,2017

SWOD: 3x5 Power CleanDWOD,EMOM: 3 RFR: Airdyne/T2B/Cal Row/Ring DipsElements: Elements Push WODElements: Elements Squat WOD

3x5 Power Clean

SWOD: Weight
You are to preform 3 sets of 5 power cleans. You are to warm up with 3-4 light sets. Then once the weight feels heavy you start your working sets. You keep the weight the same for all five sets. The object is to be explosive off the ground and catch the bar above a squat position.

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Bill225 Rx
Denny185 3x5 Rx qiuicker getting under it
William H155 Rx Working on getting under the bar
Jadon110 Rx worked on form - way more than 3x5
john l95 Rx
Darnelle90 Rx my body is so tired. rest day tomorrow!
Jon B85 Rx
bobbi30# Rx
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