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Thursday Oct 12,2017

SWOD: Bulgarian Split Squats 3x10DWOD,Rounds for Time: Rounds for Time Sprints/Bar Over Burpee/P.CElements: Elements Oly WODBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: Baseline

Bulgarian Split Squats 3x10

SWOD: Weight
Ok really shocking that quad today..this is a new movement for most of you. You need some DB's or KB's and a bench
Safety is primary goal here.
You place one foot on bench behind you, and the other foot is safely planted underneath you. You squat down and safely push through heels and come back to the top.  
3 sets of 10 reps..this is about isolation not weight!!!

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Umair45 Rx
James L40 - slam ball Rx
Christina J35 Rx
Tom Kr35 Rx
DARNELLE25# KB Rx jump to 35# next time
Tanya25 Rx
bobbibody weight Rx
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