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Tuesday Oct 3,2017

SWOD: Bench Press 3x5DWOD,Rounds for Time: 4 Rds. For Time: Cal Row/DB SnatchElements: Elements Push WOD

Bench Press 3x5

SWOD: Weight
You are to warm up with the bar, then complete 3 sets of 5 reps of Bench Press. You are to use the same weight for all three working sets. Please take 3-4 sets to warm up and get to your working weight.

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Denny215 Rx 5-5-5
Tom Kr205 Rx
Bill205 Rx
Pablo155 Rx
Umair135 Rx
Christina J115 Rx
Chaitu105 Rx
Kaye80 (1x) 75(2X) Rx
Brenda C65 Rx
bobbi35# Rx
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