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Thursday Sep 28,2017

Max,SWOD: 3x5 Overhead SquatDWOD,Rounds for Time: 6 RFT Hang PS/OHS/RowBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: BaselineElements: Elements Oly WOD

3x5 Overhead Squat

Max,SWOD: Weight
Today we are back on the squat but its a twist. We are going overhead.
So warm up those wrists, lats and don't forget your elbows. Then take 3-4 sets to warm up and once the weight gets heavy. Then its 3 sets of 5 reps ALL THE SAME WEIGHT.

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Luke155 Rx
Bill145 Rx
William H135 Rx Came in late - Rushed
david f75# Rx
Ryan W65# 12:00 Rx
Tom Kr65 Rx First time on OHS
Jadon55 Rx
bobbi20 Rx
Jon B65  Working on form
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