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Saturday Sep 23,2017

11:30am Nutrition Clinic

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Partner Wod '1 if by Land 2 if by Sea'

AMRAP,Partner Wod: Reps-Rx+
Ok, so pick a partner, and pick wisely...!!

Today its a battle at need a C2 Rower, and a barbell...same weight for both like I said choose wisely.

8 Min AMRAP (REPS) NOT RDS. today.
Partner A- Row 150 Meter
Partner B- Back Squat AMRAP in the time it takes Partner A to row. Keep track of your squats.
Rest 4 minutes
8 Min AMRAP (REPS) NOT RDS. today
Partner A- Run 200 Meters
Partner B- Push Up's (Hand-Release)

Part 1 RX+ BS @ 155M/105 L
Part 2 RX+ 25 lb plate while doing push up's

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William H223 Rx
david f203 Rx
Jadon203 Rx
Keyton203 with David Rx
Naat275  75#
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