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Tuesday Sep 12,2017

SWOD: 3x5 Back SquatAMRAP,DWOD,Partner Wod,Rounds for Time: 12 AMRAP G2OH/T2BElements: Elements OlyElements: Elements Oly WODBenchmark/Hero,Cardio: BaselineOther Posted Results

3x5 Back Squat

SWOD: Weight
Today you are to stretch, warm up dynamically, then get in a good 3-4 warm up sets. Then I want same weight for all three sets. Good movement control on the weight on the way down, and explode out of the bottom.

100% 0%

Bill275 Rx
Sam B150 Rx
Jon K145 Rx changed bar location to low back
david f135 Rx 5-5-5
Pablo135 Rx
Bob Ca95 @ 3x5 Rx First squat back on the WAGON!!!
bobbi52 Rx
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