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Wednesday Sep 6,2017

Happy Birthday Naaz
SWOD: 3x5 Strict PressDWOD,Rounds for Time: 18-12-9 Ring Row/Run

3x5 Strict Press

SWOD: Weight
Today the strength is 3x5 strict press. No knee bend, keep the spine straight, and abs tight and locked.
Same weight for all three sets once you get warmed up.

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Ismaail155 Rx 5-5 5@145
Denny150 Rx 5-5-5
Patty130 Rx
Ryan W85 Rx
david f75 Rx
Jake H75 Rx range of motion issues in shoulders
Tanya60 Rx 65-65 (only 3) - 60
Darnelle60 Rx 5-5-5 layback movement.
bobbi30 Rx
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