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Saturday Aug 19,2017

Gymversary Cat-2
Cardio,DWOD: 'McNasty' with a PartnerElements: Elements OlyElements: Elements Oly WOD

'McNasty' with a Partner

Cardio,DWOD: Time
Partner WOD
4,000 M Row
every 500 M both partners must complete a total of 20 OHS@ 95lbs. split up 10 reps each..but those ten can be split however the partners choose, 1 and 1, 2 and 2 or 5 and 5..but each person must do 10 OHS, before rowing again. Then you must switch partners and row another 500M, until you get to 4,000M.

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Denny24:38 Rx
William H26:50 Rx
Bob Ca24:38  10 OHS each rd. with 45, last round @ 65 lbs.
DARNELLE26:15  45# OHS
Jenifer26:15  45# OHS
Steve B26:50  75# OHS
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