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Sunday Aug 13,2017

Benchmark/Hero,Max: CFFB TotalRounds for Time: 25-20-15 Slamball/T2B/DU'sOther Posted Results

CFFB Total

Benchmark/Hero,Max: Weight
Today we are finding 1 Rep Max in the following for a training guideline.
Power Clean 1 Rep Max
Squat 1 Rep Max
Bench 1 Rep Max
Deadlift 1 Rep Max
These must be preformed in this order. You get 3 attempts at your max. So choose your weight wisely

100% 0%

William H1080 Rx 185/300/250/345
Christina J810 Rx 155/225/135/295
DARNELLE605 Rx 105/180/95/225
Ismaail1,085 Rx 205/225/280/375