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Monday Jun 19,2017

Gymversary Steve B-2
SWOD: Front Squats 3x5power cleans, dynamic push-up, double underANNIE

Front Squats 3x5

SWOD: Weight
Strength today is Front Squats. You should take 3-4 sets to warm up and get ready to lift. After you are warm pick a weight you will squat for 3 sets of 5 reps. Keep the weight the same for all sets.
Remember to keep those elbows up and that weight rested on those collar bones.

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Bill215 Rx
William H195 Rx 3x5 - 195, 1x5 - 200. PR!
Keyton155 Rx
Chaitu150# Rx
Denny145 Rx
Christina J140 Rx
Shyenne135# (am) Rx 155# (pm)
Shioban135 Rx 5-5-5
silvia cal125 Rx 5-5-4 work depth
Kristina120 Rx
Robert C115 Rx 5-5-5
Jadon115 Rx
Kaye105 max rep 1 set of 4 95 for all 5 sets Rx going up in weight!
Sarah95 Rx didn't die.
Christine W95 lbs Rx
Jenifer95 Rx
Maddie90# Rx
Phani85 Rx
Carla75 Rx
Michelle U75 Rx
Casandra65 Rx
bobbi32# Rx
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