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Thursday Jun 15,2017

Gymversary Bob Ca-2
SWOD: overhead squat 3x55 Rounds For TimeElements: Elements PushElements: Elements Push WOD

overhead squat 3x5

SWOD: Weight
This is the strength for today. You are to overhead squat 3 sets x 5 reps. All with the same weight on the barbell.  
Take 3-4 sets to warm up properly then you will start your working sets. Always add 5 lbs. to your working sets from the last time you overhead squat. If you get stuck or have questions come see a trainer immediately.

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Bill125 3x10 Rx Rom told me i couldn't go up in weight but he did say reps lol
Keyton125 Rx
Sebastian95 Rx
Umair85# 1 round, 75# 2 rounds Rx
Kristina75 Rx next time +5
Maddie60# Rx
Jenifer55 Rx 2/ 45 - 1/55
Kaye45 Rx working on tightening chest and pushing up on heels
bobbi20 Rx
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