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Thursday Jun 1,2017

SWOD: 3x5 Back SquatRounds for Time: 25-20-15 Slamball/T2B/DU'sElements: Elements SquatElements: Elements Squat WOD

3x5 Back Squat

SWOD: Weight
Today you are to stretch, warm up dynamically, then get in a good 3-4 warm up sets. Then I want same weight for all three sets. Good movement control on the weight on the way down, and explode out of the bottom.

100% 0%

Bill265 Rx Last set at 270
William H250 Rx
Eric S205 Rx Add some more weight!
Christina J195 Rx
Chaitu145 Rx
Brenda C135 Rx 5=130lbs 5=135lbs 5=135lbs
Christine W135 lbs Rx
Jadon135 Rx
Kaye130 lbs x 2 not my best, sick. 125 ( 5 reps, 2 sets) Rx
Gina K105 Rx
Casandra75 Rx
Aparna65 Rx
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