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Wednesday May 24,2017

Welcome Chaitu
skill work: 3 handstand holds for timeAMRAP,DWOD: AMRAP Wall Balls/T2BBC - 5 Rds for Time OWWL, Burpee, Sit UpsSWOD: 2x Max Rep Ring Dips

3 handstand holds for time

skill work: Time-Rx+
Ok so a little warm up add on, you are to preform 3 max time handstand holds.
If you are a gymnast person you can do freestanding
Or scale down and use the wall..or if you still struggle use the wall and work on transition from tripod to headstand

RX+ Free standing

0% 0%

Keyton1:47-1:04-1:07 Rx
Aaron:43-:45-1:00 Rx wall
Sebastian:48/:36 Rx
Carla J:37-:46-:55 Rx wall
Umair:40-:44-:32 Rx from wall walk.
Kaye:45-:40-:40 Rx working on stability in vertical position.
Bill:58-:30-:41 Rx
Denny1:00-:37-:21  Not Rx
Steve B:24-:35-:48  Not Rx
Chaitu:35-:38-:50  Not Rx
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