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Wednesday May 17,2017

SWOD: 3x5 Barbell ShrugsDWOD,Rounds for Time: 5 Rounds Pull Ups/ Farmers Carry/ DL

3x5 Barbell Shrugs

SWOD: Weight
Ok so we are adding some old school weight lifting movements into our routine. We are hoping to develop that shoulder shrug and get fast and explosive cleans.  
Warm up, 3-4 sets then set your weight and all 3 sets same weight for 5 reps. Get those traps to touch your ears.

0% 0%

William H225 Rx
Beau215 Rx
Sebastian185 Rx
Umair185# Rx
Keyton175 Rx
Jake W165 Rx
Kaye155 for 2 sets. Dropped to 135# for better form Rx
Jadon135 lbs Rx
Jenifer135 lbs Rx
Tanya115# Rx
Carla105 Rx
Casandra85 lbs Rx
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Eric Ti 5:53pm
You fight dirty, Kaye.  Just filthy. Poor Keyton. LOL

Kaye 12:17pm
Haha! Dropping  plates on your friend's foot is also a penalty . Don't be like me! LOL

Eric Ti 9:24am
So don't be like Kailin Clay (or Kaye) and drop the plates before the goal line or its a 'NO REP' !! LOL

Eric Ti 9:21am