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Friday May 12,2017

Max,SWOD: Power Cleans 3x3x3DWOD,Rounds for Time: RFT Snatch/ 200 M RunBC - 3x10 Suitcase DeadliftDWOD: Gymnastic Jackie

Power Cleans 3x3x3

Max,SWOD: Weight
CFNA its Friday lets move some weight powerfully.
So today I want you to Power Clean..take 2-3 sets warm up. Then start going up in weight to a heavy triple. This DOES NOT NEED TO BE A TOUCH AND GO. Reset and go for heavy cleans.

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Bill225 Rx
Eric S175 Rx
William H145-165-185(PR!) Rx
Christina J135,145,155,160x1 Rx
Jake W125-145-155 Rx
Darnelle90 Rx 75, 85, 90
Carla J75-85-90 Rx
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