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Wednesday May 10,2017

SWOD: 2x Max Rep Ring DipsChipper,DWOD: Chipper: Rings-Sit Up-PushUp-Bumper Plate

2x Max Rep Ring Dips

SWOD: Reps
2 rounds of max rep dips, on the rings or the parallel bars in the back room.
We want good depth, 90 degrees between the elbow and the shoulder, that tricep should be parallel to the floor below.
Rest 5 min between efforts and then log your score

0% 0%

Bill11, 11 Rx
ryan s11+5 Rx
Keyton8+8 Rx
Aaron5+5 Rx
Nicole J22  not there yet
bobbi12-14  feet on floor
Mohammad8,8  used box
Kaye6 +6 one foot on ground  working on upper body strength
Michelle U6+6  toes on ground
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