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Friday May 5,2017

Happy Birthday Sam B & Dan
DWOD: 3 RFT Run/Clean and JerkSWOD: Power Clean 5x3Bootcamp: BC - Starting Strength 3x5 DeadliftBC - 5 Rds for Time OWWL, Burpee, Sit Ups

3 RFT Run/Clean and Jerk

DWOD: Time-Rx2+
3 Rds. for Time:
Run 400 M
6 Clean and Jerks @135/95
Run 400 M
3 Clean and Jerks
Run 400 M
1 Clean and Jerk

35 min Time Cap

RX+: M-155/W-105
RX: Above
RX2: M-115/W-75

0% 0%

Bill23:19 Rx+ lung scraper!!
Cedric23:00 Rx
Francois23:28 Rx
Keyton24:35 Rx row instead of run/ agitated arches
Aaron25:00 capped 2 nds + 1 run Rx sup row cals and strict press to not aggrivate groin.
Christina J28:18 Rx Had to take restroom break
Jenifer65# Rx2 forgot it was 3 rnds
DARNELLE9:09 Rx2 I'm sick so I only did 1 round... @ 55lbs
Maddie21:30 Rx2 2 nds time cap 55#
Laura I25:00 capped 2nds Rx2
Kristina25:59 Rx2 75lbs
Kaye35#  refining the movement. shoulder sore
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