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Friday, Apr 7, 2017


Fight Gone Bad

AMRAP,Benchmark/Hero: Reps
Fight Gone Bad is 3 Rounds of 5 movements each movement is 1 min of work, right into the next. You are counting reps at each movement.
After all 5 movements you rest 1 min and then start the next round.
Wall Ball 20/14
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/50 lbs.
Box Jumps 20/16'
Push Press 75/50 lbs.
Calorie Row (max)
RX2: (Scaled)
Wall Ball 15/10
SDHP 45/ or Slam Ball  
Box Jump 16/12
Push Press 45 lbs.

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Chosen as WOD: Fri,Apr 7,2017 Wed,Jan 18,2017 Fri,Apr 8,2016
Bill321 Rx
Francois297 Rx
Shioban275 Rx 50#
Eric Ti267 Rx I still suck at wall balls and h8 SDHP
Keyton264 Rx Very Hard
ryan s253 Rx
Steve B218 Rx
Stefano213 Rx
Christina J311  Not Rx - went out of order
silvia cal260  8' target
Bland255  12' box
William H245  55KB/75 Push Press
Grace243  55 lb bar
Michelle U242*  lost count on 1st rnd 40# SDHP and PP
pramodh242  35KB/45Bar
Surya241  45
Danielle C240  45/50
Jenifer235  Not Rx
Gina K234  45kb
Madhu232  55
Carla230  35 SDHP, 45# PP
Ernesto218  Not Rx
Sebastian181  Not Rx
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