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Tuesday Apr 4,2017

Gymversary Tanya-1
Max,SWOD: 5x3 BenchRounds for Time: 4 RFT Farmers Carry/ Kb SwingsElements: Elements OlyElements: Elements Oly WODOther Posted Results

5x3 Bench

Max,SWOD: Weight
Today we are getting some bench in. So warm up those shoulders and back
Then take 3-4 sets to warm up, and once you get to your heavy working weight its 5 sets of 3 reps all the same weight for all the sets.

0% 0%

ryan s205 Rx
Laura I195 Rx
William H195 Rx
Bill185 Rx
Eric S185 Rx 205 on last set...just because
Tom L165-175-185 Rx
Sebastian155 Rx
Jake W145 Rx
Keyton95 Rx
DARNELLE65 lbs Rx one extra at 75 lbs
Kaye55 Rx
bobbi42 Rx
Connor D3x205, 1x215, 1x225 Rx
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