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Friday Mar 31,2017

SWOD: Power Clean 5x3Wedler 5-3-1: Wendler Deload Week 5-5-5 Power CleanBootcamp: BC - Starting Strength 3x5 DeadliftDWOD: 5 Rds.Sled Push/Pull

Power Clean 5x3

SWOD: Weight
You are to preform 5 sets of 3 power cleans. You are to warm up with 3-4 light sets. Then once the weight feels heavy you start your working sets. You keep the weight the same for all five sets. The object is to be explosive off the ground and catch the bar above a squat position.

100% 0%

Tom L225 Rx 1RM
Eric Ti205 Rx bigger pop outta 2nd pull
Bill205 Rx
hari195 Rx
Connor D185 Rx
Sebastian145 Rx
Maddie75# Rx
Phani65 Rx
Jaime35lb bar Rx
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