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Thursday Mar 9,2017

Bob Ca
Here is a sweet little video of Rich and Company doing Sally Down....enjoy..hell if Rich can do can you!!!

skill work,warm-up add ons: Broad Jump/ Ball Toss both for Distanceskill work: 3 handstand holds for timeDWOD: Bring Sally Up

Broad Jump/ Ball Toss both for Distance

skill work,warm-up add ons: Distance-Rx2
Ok so our warm up and skill work will be the  
Broad Jump for max distance, take 5 tries
Then rest up and then get yourself a medball/slamball
and prepare to toss that sucker as high as you can..5 tries

0% 0%

Eric Ti92' & 160' @ 30# Rx
William H76.5& 144'@30# Rx
Loretta75.5' & 120'@20# Rx
Jenifer73.5' & 120' @20# Rx
Bland66' & 11' 30# Rx
Danielle C63' & 88'@15# Rx
Christina J63.75' & 96'@30# Rx
Francois105.75 & 162 @ 30#  Not Rx
Mohammad81' & 136 @ 20#  Not Rx
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Bob Ca 2:05pm