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Wednesday Jan 4,2017

Gymversary Eric Ti-1
skill work: Strict Pull Up/ Skill WorkAMRAP: 6 AMRAP Cal Row/Wall BallDWOD: Gymnastic Jackie

Strict Pull Up/ Skill Work

skill work: Reps
Today if you can do Strict Pull Up's do 3 sets of Max Reps.
If you are still struggling to get your first strict pull up then work with the coaches to work on skills to get that first pull up.

0% 0%

Andrew Mc5-7-6 Rx
Arthur3-3-3 Rx
bobbi19  ring row
Maddie12sec negative, then 5 & 4 ring rows  12sec negative, then 5 & 4 ring rows
Laura I6-6-6 RR  RR heels plumb. PR!