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Thursday Oct 6,2016

SWOD: 3 sets of 5 Dynamic Push Up'sDWOD,Rounds for Time: 8 RFT BW Back Squat/Box Jump/ Sprint

3 sets of 5 Dynamic Push Up's

SWOD: Distance
Ok so its an oldie but a warm up. Then once you are ready, we are aiming for height today. I want to see how high can you shoot off the 45lb plate.. an 8' box, or taller. Keep track this will come up again this MONTH!!

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Diana H45lb, 45+25lb, 45+45lb plates Rx
Sara P45 + 15 + 10 Rx
Brian B7 45# stacked/8 stacked/8 stacked + 25# (f at rep 3) Rx