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Monday Jun 6,2016

SWOD: Wendler 5-5-5+ Front SquatSWOD: 2x Max Rep Ring DipsAMRAP,Cardio,DWOD: CF Open WOD 16.1

Wendler 5-5-5+ Front Squat

SWOD: Weight
This is more first week of Wendler, use 90% of your most recent Front Squat and take 90% to figure out your working weights for your sets.
1st set 65% for 5 reps
2nd set 75% for 5 reps
3rd set 85% for max reps, minimum of 5 reps.
Also when you log this keep track of reps in the last set, plus your weight each set

0% 0%

Bob G225-255-275 Rx
Justen185 - 205 - 215 Rx
Eric Ti155-180-205(5) Rx trouble holding upright front rack
Paul H135-155-175 Rx
Yanet125-135-145 Rx